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    Most Effective SEO Strategies for B2B Marketing

    May 18, 2019

May 18, 2019

Most Effective SEO Strategies for B2B Marketing

Most Effective SEO Strategies for B2B Marketing

SEO strategies for B2B Marketing bear slow but long term results, hence cannot be ignored. SEO is a continuous effort and not a one-off project – that is the reason SEO features last in the lead generation or marketing priority list. I also feel, especially where B2B or tech companies target complex and sometimes vague* solutions – it’s difficult for them to decide which keywords to focus on. To top it all up, technical SEO is un-glamorous to showcase in a board meeting where you are trying to prove the return on B2B marketing investment. Imagine the “so what” look on a director’s face if you told them you fixed 30 duplicate title descriptions and created 10 new backlinks!

*(Small tech companies offer custom built solutions which cannot always be described in a word or phrase)

SEO strategy cannot be static

Marketing is a dynamic function. Customer behaviors change very quickly, marketing needs to keep pace and change accordingly. In fact, this one of the reasons I chose to be a marketing consultant as you get to do something new every day. However, there are few channels of marketing which almost change too fast – Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Social media optimisation (SMO).

There are various factors behind this change – changing user behavior, industry findings and of course ever changing search engine algorithms. That is why the SEO marketing strategy you implemented last year might not prove so useful this year. If you want to stay ahead of competition and annual revision of your SEO strategy is critical. This is especially true for B2B lead generation goals as buzzwords and keywords change quickly. We were talking about Robotic Process Automation last year, Intelligent Process Automation is the new search term today. If your search engine optimisation strategy doesn’t meet changing customer behaviors, its bound to fail.

SEO Strategies to Consider for B2B Marketing

The business to business lead generation is more dependent on inbound leads and to create a lead magnet you need the most effective SEO practices. In this context, your SEO practices must make sure that you maintain a supportive relation with the target audience; have strong online presence for ease of communication and excellent brand exposure to the market. Here are some SEO best practices to achieve that –

Strategic Landing Pages

Although in theory, more landing pages mean greater opportunity to leverage organic search but large number of landing pages without any proper content would not earn customers. If you find that audience is clicking on the share button or linking the page on their social media account, you can be assured that your landing page is performing well. At the same time, check out competitive pages to see how their pages are ranking on search results. While most search results direct to the Home Page, the audience shows interest in the business through landing pages.

Personalized Content with Relevant Keywords

Unique, easily understandable and interactive content aids B2B Lead generation. Select your keywords wisely. What are your potential buyers searching when they are looking for a solution like yours? Unless you are well aware of the needs of the target audience, data collection and content marketing would not be fruitful. The idea is to attract more relevant visitors, not just any visitors and content plays an important part.

At Predictable Marketing we suggest you step into your customers shoes and then try and find yourself online. There are tips, tricks and tools to help with that and we urge our customers to spend sufficient time in finding these search terms first and then develop their SEO strategies around it. Talk to us about how to find the most effective keywords for you.