Inbound lead generation

Result Oriented Campaigns

Nobody likes to be sold to. Especially in this information era where too much choice and knowledge is available your customers want to make their own decision to choose a solution. All you can do is help your customer through awareness, research, purchase, post-purchase and repurchase. The role of sales and marketing has changed accordingly.

Inbound Marketing has never been so important.

Especially in the world of GDPR and regulations making it hard for you to reach out to your customers, you would want your customers to come to you.

Predictable Marketing helps strategise, design and implement inbound marketing campaigns using any of the commonly used platforms – Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo or any other such tool. To define a campaign

  • Decide the objectives of the campaign
  • Decide the call to actions and other points of conversion
  • Decide key messaging
  • Design and plan the campaigns in marketing automation tools
  • Monitor the response of programs and make changes to get best results

We can also help with creating marketing assets like case studies, videos or whitepapers, e-books that are effective call to actions for the campaigns.



Generating Inbound Leads

The end result is number of qualified leads for marketing and sales that get converted into opportunities and ultimately revenue. Using marketing automation tools we are also able to measure the velocity of the leads – how soon they move into the next stage.

Building effective campaigns

Email marketing might have been a successful strategy for one business, whereas social marketing would have worked wonders for someone else’s pipeline. But what’s most effective for your business? We help you identify the most effective mix of marketing channels for you, design and implement campaigns with your end goal in mind.

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Whether you are developing a complete marketing strategy, a specific campaign to increase sales of a particular product or service or just need a helping hand in finishing a challenging project. Predictable Marketing will be happy to help.