Digital Marketing for lead generation

Digital Marketing for your Software Business

Software businesses have a high order and lifetime value and hence each qualified lead generated is important. At the same time, it’s hard to generate leads for software and technology businesses as the prospects are not in the market looking for solutions to buy all the time. If you have tried call out campaigns, website redesign, exhibition style events or other marketing tactics without much success, we are sure you will agree.

So how do you generate leads for software businesses?

of software leads are generated by Digital marketing

Designing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing in combination with face to face custom events is one of the best combinations to generate leads for software businesses.

At Predictable Marketing, we create digital marketing campaigns that create an inbound lead generation engine for your sales team. While designing a digital marketing campaign we keep in mind your customers journey and times when they are likely to buy.

Implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns

We use a mix of digital marketing channels based on the availability of your customers. Key components of a typical digital marketing campaign include –

Website Design and Copy – Your website is your digital shopfront. We can help optimise the design, web copy and landing pages for your website.

SEO and Google Ads – We research, identify and optimise your website or relevant keywords so your prospects can find you easily. We have seen better results with long term SEO strategies, but Google Ads is handy to quickly fill in some empty pipelines. Google Ads (previously known as PPC is fast becoming a necessary evil). We specialise in guaranteed results from this digital marketing channel.

Landing pages – We not only bring your customers to your website but also encourage them to convert. We do this by creating compelling Call to Actions and easy to navigate Landing Pages. With complete A/B testing of Landing pages and heat map analysis, you can rest assured that your Landing pages are performing their best in converting website visitors to qualified leads.

Create Digital Assets – Content writing is the core skill for all digital marketing campaigns. You must have heard “Content is king” a million times by now. We help create digital marketing assets such as blogs, case studies, brochures, white papers, thought leadership papers, value proposition brochures, fact sheets, infographics and any other form web asset. No digital marketing campaign is complete without an asset.

Email Marketing – It’s very important for software businesses to nurture their leads because of the long buying cycle. We create email marketing campaigns to nurture prospects, keep them engaged and be top of their mind when they are ready to buy. We provide email copywriting services and design of email templates with the service to a/b test emails and subject lines.

Webinars Software products and services can sell well if demonstrated in specific user scenarios. Webinars are a perfect digital marketing platform for technology firms to showcase their capabilities without directly selling. We can help structure your webinar, create the content of the webinar and even train your team to present.

Start your Digital Marketing Campaign here

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, Predictable Marketing can run marketing campaigns on your chosen platforms, or you could choose to use ours. Most of our customers prefer to use their own as they have their brand assets set up on these platforms. However, it doesn’t take us long to set your assets on our systems.

At the end of each campaign we provide complete reporting of the various digital marketing channels and how they have performed against your goals.