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Creating content for each stage of your buyers’ journey

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At Predictable Marketing we always start with the customer first, even while designing your content strategy. What are the challenges your customer is facing? How are the searching for a solution? What words and terminology do they use? Where do they start their search for a solution? If you could answer some of those questions you are well placed to define the kind of content need to create. If you are not sure, we have a simple worksheet for you to tease out answers to these questions.

“The only way to win at content marketing is to make the reader feel that “this content was written specifically for me”.

Do you have content for various stages of your customer lifecycle?

Once we understand the challenges the customer faces we can write content to walk your customer through various stages of the sales and marketing lifecycle.
For creating awareness – web content, email, videos, thought leadership articles, brochures and social promotions. At this stage its very important that you are found easily and get in front of customer when they are looking for a solution. Hence, we create SEO optimized content at this stage and can even help you promote the content via PR and social platforms.

For building credibility – case studies, brochures.

Buying Decision – business case worksheets, data sheets, presentations

Content writing Services

“Don’t see content as just words – videos is leading the content marketing as of today”.