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    Best B2B Lead Generation Techniques to Adopt In 2019

    May 6, 2019

May 6, 2019

Best B2B Lead Generation Techniques to Adopt In 2019


B2B or business to business marketing is competitive as units sold per year are few and the supplier market is saturated. One-off B2B marketing campaigns are not as effective as it is less likely that you will catch a prospect, ready to buy with just one campaign. A successful B2B lead generation strategy requires a continuous marketing effort.

Before you build a plan for lead generation , let’s define what a lead is. Well, while in simple terms you might call any potential audience of your business website as lead, in factual terms, the lead is a customer who is only steps away from buying from you. Unless you intrigue the customer with your services and make them aware of how you can solve their problems and help them achieve their objective B2B marketing fails miserably.

A regular influx of leads is the backbone of business growth. Various factors contribute towards creating a regular inflow of leads – your messaging, the user experience, presence and search ability, strength of your database and the channels you select to go-to-market – social, email, google, events, webinars, partners, affiliate marketing or any other channel. So let’s look at some building blocks which we recommend for a successful B2B marketing strategy.

Website Optimization

Can you prospects find you online? Once they do –would they like to spend their valuable time on your website ? Slow loading of the pages, website errors, inability to load location etc are some of the strict no-no’s in website marketing. Ensure the user experience is good and that there are no crashed pages or pages with “content coming soon” on your website.

  • Make sure your website equally looks good on mobile. Mobile-friendliness can no longer be ignored. Most of our customers get 50% or more visitors from mobile phones. In this age, where websites are having mobile apps launched to reach out to wider audience base, your website should be mobile-friendly. In this context, optimize the font, page loading times, widgets and media to ensure that they run smoothly on mobile.
  • Google Analytics can be your best guide in finding new keywords which are normally hidden in the website content. This will help you locate the long-tail keywords consisting of three or more words which generally have low search volumes but convert easily due to high relevance. For keyword optimization, you can also check competitor websites and identify keywords they are targeting or hidden gems that they are not targeting!


  • With all the algorithm changes back-linking from relevant, authority sites is still quite important.. Once you get backlinks from other authority websites, your website too will get more organic traffic from Google or other search engines. Also keep a record of the visitor your site to analyse the effectiveness of the links created.


Content Marketing


Genuine and simple to understand the content is the king. Both google and your customers will appreciate authentic and simply written content. It’s hard to create authentic content and it takes long, but it’s worth it. As a part of your B2B Lead generation tactics, submit your content to Guest blogs that are relevant to your industry. That get’s you in front of new audiences and helps build credibility for your website.

Popularity of blogs can spiral quickly. Before you know you will be invited to blog on different discussion forums.


This is the time you should take the next leap.

  • Create lead magnets on your website that your visitors would be interested in. Webinars, case studies, infographics and whitepapers are popular downloads. Think out-of-the-box to capture your audience’s attention.


  • Make the contents unique and personalized so that your business can stand out among many others. The more dynamic your landing page is, more intrigued the lead will be in your business.
  • Create Q&A page link to your website as often people search for answers to their questions Consider any prospective questions that your audience might have about your products and services.
  • Also, add a chatbox support with live chat option To make the website more interactive. Although, be careful about the timing and place of the chat box. It can be annoying.
  • Start shooting webinars and post the videos on video sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube etc. Launching a podcast is also a good way for long-term promotions. Infographics, news articles, pictures also make most of them end up in trash or spam folder. One of the effective B2B Lead Generation tactics is to send legal cold mails to prospective business mail ids or link old blogs so that the recipients understand that they are authentic.Using a good subject line is essential. Read more about email marketing tips>

Paid Social Media Advertising

While there are many advertising tools to promote your business to the prospective businesses, it is up to you to choose only the economically viable ones. Among the most popular social media sites, Facebook offers the paid Facebook Ads which are shown in between various Facebook videos, on the side panel and even in between the posts so that the user can click any ad, thereby, contributing on your revenue generation and check out the redirected link for his/her convenience. Google and LinkedIn advertisements are also excellent platforms for promoting your businesses, although the cost is bit higher.

Lead generation is quite overwhelming and often efforts die out if you don’t see results. We started this blog by suggesting continuous efforts are required to make any B2B campaign a success. Predictable Marketing acts as your outsourced marketing function or as an extra pair of hands for your marketing team to ensure marketing is consistent, continuous, cost-effective and in-line with your lead generation goals. Get in touch for a free marketing mapping workshop.