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October 11, 2019

Could Robotics be the key to UK prosperity?

Disruptive technologies generate new opportunities. RPA is one such emerging technology that is changing the way we work today and how we will work tomorrow. RPA is the use of software robots to automate repetitive tasks, common in middle and back-office jobs. A few examples of such tasks are:

  1. Invoice matching with two different systems
  2. Reviewing a sales order in one system and creating a production work order in another system.
  3. Follow-ups with debtors, ‘purchase to pay’ payments
  4. Conducting competitive research on the web
  5. Updating various third-party systems with order delivery information
  6. Cross-checking and validating customer information across various internal and external systems

This is just the tip of the iceberg. RPA has a phenomenal number of use cases across sectors.

Benefits of Using RPA

  1. Faster processes so they can meet SLA’s and deadlines quicker
  2. Improved accuracy of information shared across processes
  3. Provide better insights from consolidated data
  4. Faster time to market
  5. Lower costs of operations

And again, this is only the beginning of the list.

Let’s not forget the question we were trying to answer in the blog – Can RPA help the UK prosper?

It certainly can, by improving productivity in businesses by automating tasks that no one intends to do. Employees are more productive in high value-adding tasks which increases employee satisfaction as well. Especially, the UK’s big services sector can perform really good with automating back-office jobs.

Is the tech sector geared up to support the UK’s growing demand for RPA?

The answer is both, yes and no. Tech companies who are specialists in the technology have burgeoned over the last few years. Common names bounced off in any RPA discussion include – Blue Prism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Kofax, Nice, Kryon (not in any order). Along with these product companies we have seen the emergence of smaller value-added resellers or partners who have developed niche solutions for specific use cases.

Then where is the challenge?

There is still an evident gap between demand and supply here. RPA sellers haven’t been able to reach their target markets and so, there are businesses that are looking for RPA suppliers who understand their processes and will not sell them a robot and walk out. They are looking for partners who will consult, implement and help them scale RPA implementations so that benefits are seen at an enterprise level.

The role of marketing in bridging this gap is valuable. Predictable Marketing is actively helping RPA vendors define their marketing message based on their strengths and more importantly based on the niche problem they are solving with their RPA capabilities.


A “we can implement this cool new technology pitch” can only take an RPA vendor so far. If you are really looking to add value to businesses and help them realize the full potential of RPA – a value-based marketing approach “this what RPA can resolve for you and deliver these results” is needed.

It sounds like “the obvious way to market” but most RPA vendors we have worked with struggled with this piece of marketing message and strategy. Hence, their campaigns failed to provide a return on investment. We have helped define marketing messaging based on the value customers derive from an RPA implementation. If you are struggling with taking your RPA products to market, get in touch.