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July 26, 2019

The market for Robotic Process Automation products in the UK

The market for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software grew by 63.1% in 2018, Gartner reports. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is regarded as one of the fastest emerging technologies and there is a good reason why.

  1. Typical ROI on RPA products is within 3-6 months. And this is only that long for large,enterprise-level projects. If RPA products are applied to a small part of the process in a business function, the return is almost instant. For example, if RPA is used for collecting invoice information from an external portal and updating it in SAP, the savings in the time taken to process an invoice are instant.
  2. RPA products are less of a burden on IT staff in your business. It is a non-intrusive technology and doesn’t require you to rip-off your existing back-end systems or pay expensive development costs on top of it. RPA products work on the presentation layer and replicate what a human can do. That means IT does not need to custom code API’s to enable endtoend automation of a process.
  3. It is your virtual workforce that works 24×7, 365 days in a year. No sick holidays, no breaks. RPA products are the best choice to automate large volume, highly mature, manual and repetitive workflows.

RPA products are being used heavily to automate compliance reporting for financial processes. However, that is not the only case of RPA products being used for automation in the UK.

Some other use cases include

  1. Matching of invoices
  2. Gathering information to enable recruiters to find the right candidate for their job
  3. Doing Competitive analysis by collecting information from different online portals
  4. Conducting KYC (Know your customer) validation by connecting information from various systems

There are RPA product specialists in the UK, who have developed products/solutions/services around specific use cases whereas others operate on a broader spectrum of business problems. How to take RPA products to the market remains a challenge.

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What is the most effective Go-to-Market for RPA products?

What is the most-effective marketing channel for selling RPA products in the UK – Social, website inbound leads, events, micro-events, PR, email, telemarketing, demo events or webinars? Where do you get the best return? Most product vendors also provide support to the resellers given they have marketing and sales resources that can win new business. Talk to us at Predictable Marketing and find out how we have helped several RPA product resellers in the UK to develop and implement an inbound go-to-market strategy.