• Lots of marketing activities but no return?

    Choose a marketing mix that generates business for you.

  • Is your marketing resulting in sales?

    A good marketing program gets you in front of your customers and convinces them to buy from you.

  • Do you have a marketing engine that feeds your business growth?

    Let's discuss how marketing can support your ambition.

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation Experts for Technology Sellers

At Predictable Marketing we help implement marketing campaigns that attract your prospects, keep them engaged and convert them to paying customers. We ensure marketing is aligned with your business goals and back calculate how many leads you need to achieve them.

We cover a breadth of skills between the team – marketing strategy, marketing planning, website development , social media management, email marketing, video marketing, telemarketing, event planning and execution, sales training, search engine optimisation (SEO) , Google Ads (PPC) and marketing automation. We believe there isn’t one marketing strategy that works for all. Different marketing strategies work for different businesses and we help you identify your best marketing mix and implement campaigns to get best returns from your marketing investment. Hence the name Predictable Marketing.

Funnel Marketing
Lead Generation
Attract your customers

First step of winning business is to be seen by your customers.

We help you identify who your ideal customer is and where you can meet them.

That means we select the marketing media where we can find your customers and develop a message that resonates with them. If you can be the answer to your customers pain points – that’s half the battle won!

Most used marketing media at this stage are website, social and SEO.

Lead Nurturing
Keep them engaged

Buying cycles now are more complex than ever and the influences are unlimited.

One bad review or more visibility of your competitor can change a buying decision against you.

If you have got a prospects attention, you want to nurture the relationship, keep them engaged till the time they are ready to buy.

Most used media in this stage are email marketing, telemarketing, Google Ads (PPC)? and Re-marketing.

Convert Leads
Conversion to customers
Leads that lead to Deals!

You have worked so hard to get that ideal lead, converting them to a paying customer is crucial.

Conversions can be improved by optimising landing pages, bringing the customers face to face and actually letting them experience how their pain could go away with your solution or service. Marketing strategies important at this stage include – events to bring customers face to face, case studies/testimonials that reinforce your credibility and sales that is aligned to the marketing journey so far. Web demo assets and Use cases also help your customer imagine how they can benefit from working with you.

Free Marketing Audit

Select where you are with your marketing programs and book a free marketing audit.

Marketing strategy and implementation of lead generation campaigns

Success Story

We have helped a software reseller build a marketing engine which generates qualified leads and generates business. We helped define their strategy, plan and implement demand generation campaigns.

Some highlights of the project are:
  • Reduction of marketing costs by 50%
  • Average value of qualified sales opportunities generated by marketing £200K per month.
  • Conversion ratio of 4:1 for opportunities to sales.
  • Integrated campaigns run across – web, email, social, telemarketing and events.

Ready to build your demand generation campaign? Get in touch.

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